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Spring Update and Books are OPEN!

Springtime is here and lots of things are happening! With clocks going forward, mask mandates dropping, hours changing, etc I thought a little newsletter was in order. I will try to keep this short and sweet ;)

- Regardless of mask mandates changing, I will still be asking all clients to wear a mask during our time together as well as fill out a covid questionnaire and provide proof of vaccination. If you have seen me recently, nothing there has changed. Just a heads up that I will be maintaining this request for the foreseeable future.

- My books are open! I am now currently booking through July 2022, please use the tattoo request forms on my website to set something up.

- No more Friday appointments. I will be tattooing on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9:30am-4:30pm.

- Money stuff:

My rates went up a while ago, but if you have not seen me in a while this may be news. My hourly rate for most tattoos is $200, the hourly rate for coverups, reworks and specialty tattoos (portraits, realism, things like that) is $220.

Deposits are still $100 for most tattoos but as my consultations are typically held virtually you can pay them by credit card or bank transfer via invoicing.

I no longer accept Venmo as payment, just cash and credit card now.

- Regular business reminders:

- I tattoo out of Wax and Comb, not the Hive Tattoo. Although you may still park in the lot, there are separate doors for the separate businesses.

- Please READ the reminder emails for your upcoming appointment. It has all the important info and link to the forms you need to fill out the day of your appointment.

- I am still asking that you come alone to your appointment. If this changes I will announce it but you are always welcome to ask ahead of time if you have any questions about policies.

Thats it! Hopefully that wasn't too lengthy and you are still reading so I can say THANK YOU!! I really, super duper appreciate all of my amazing clients and can't wait to see you again soon!

Take care til then,



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