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Where are you located?

I currently tattoo out of See Forever Tattoo, a private studio just NEXT to the Hive Tattoo. I will make sure that the gate is open, but the door will remain locked until you knock at the time of your appointment. 


We have a parking lot! It is a shared lot for clients of See Forever Tattoo as well as The Hive Tattoo, the entrance is on N Denver.​ Street parking is also available.


As of April 3rd 2023 masks are no longer required in the studio for most tattoos. If I need to be super close to your face for the entirety of that tattoo I may ask that you wear one. If you feel more comfortable with masks for your tattoo please just let me know and I will be happy to accommodate. Masks will be provided if you forget one.

For more details, please see the public health order that has been issued under OAR 333-019-1011, which will be posted at the following website on April 3rd:

What to expect when I come for my consultation and how to prepare

Please come ready for you consultation and do your homework beforehand. If you have reference photos, tattoos you admire, tattoo style images or anything specific to your idea please bring it with you, along with a deposit for a drawing. 

It’s much easier to interpret terms like "peony flowers with jasmine, and anatomical heart" than "I want some flowers with a heart". Try your best to really communicate your idea, you don't have to know the 'right lingo', just be able to explain what you like about the reference images you have. 

How to prepare for a tattoo

Please arrive clean/showered, fed, healthy and sober. Do NOT come in under any influence, hungover or sick. If you feel like you may be sick or getting sick, you will only make the process worse as well as putting our entire studio and other clients at risk of illness. It is best to contact me or the studio directly if this happens. 

If you are getting tattooed on an area that requires you to remove clothing you are welcome to wear a swimsuit or request a privacy screen.


Tattoos are priced either by the hour or by the piece, at my discretion. My minimum price is $150 (roughly something simple the size of a quarter), my hourly rate is $220 however for cover-ups and specialty pieces I charge an hourly rate of $250. The $150 minimum does not apply to tattoos on the hands, fingers, neck, or feet.

Touch ups are complimentary for 12 months after your initial tattoo. Beyond that time you will need to pay the set-up fee of $80.

Payment Options

Cash is preferred, but credit cards and CashApp are accepted as well. Please note that credit card charges will have an additional 3% added to cover processing fees. 

Drawing Deposits

A non-refundable deposit is required to begin the drawing process. Most deposits will cost $200, depending on size and complexity of the tattoo. Your deposit will be applied towards the final cost/last session of your tattoo.

What if I don’t like the drawing? Can I change it?

I am happy to make small adjustments to your design the day of your appointment. If there are any major changes you'd like to make we will potentially need to reschedule. Extreme changes, like a complete change of your idea will require an additional deposit. For example: if I've spent the last 3 days drawing out your floral sleeve and you suddenly decide you'd rather have Koi fish...well...then sadly your deposit is forfeited.

If you truly want a completely new design, I can still make it happen but a new deposit is required.

If it seems that we cannot agree on a design or things just don't seem to be working out for us, and I have already drawn for the tattoo, the deposit will then be considered a drawing fee.

Can I see the drawing ahead of time?

Sorry, but no. Drawings will not be sent out before your appointment time. I appreciate your trust!

Gift Certificates

They make great gifts! You can purchase one with me directly or on my web-store here


There are two types of bandages that use for fresh tattoos, the aftercare is the same for both. Only the wait time to remove the bandage is different.

For Saniderm/DermShield, wait roughly 24 hours to remove the bandage and I recommend removing it in the shower. These are breathable and water resistant so you will be able to shower without removing it if you need to shower during the 24 hour wait period. Slow and steady is the key to removing this type of bandage so as to not rip it or damage your skin.

For traditional 'meat pack' bandages (aka chicken diapers) leave the bandage on for 4-8hours.

After either bandage has been removed wash thoroughly using ONLY your hand and a liquid soap that is baby mild, I also enjoy straight up coconut oil as a cleanser/aftercare. Be sure to get off all the lymph, pigment and blood that has accumulated under your bandage. After you are all cleaned up, dry off with a CLEAN towel ad let air dry for a few minutes, then apply a SMALL amount of either coconut oil, plain white lotion, or whatever natural hydration you prefer.  Every body is different, there is no exact right thing/product to use. So long as you steer away from chemicals and additives and LISTEN to your body you will be fine. I personally am not a fan of goops and ointments as I find they don't breathe well and people tend to over apply them. 

And if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! I'm happy to help!

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