Consultations are available at 11am & 11:15am on all working days,

you may either book using the consultation form provided or request one via email.

Tattoo appointments are available at 11:30am and  3:30pm all working days.

Currently I work Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday & select Thursdays. 


Please fill out the Appointment form to submit reference photos and all of your info. From there I will assess if we need a consultation or simply to book a time. If you feel you would prefer a consultation first, please select a time by selecting a consultation service. Please note that there are TWO types of consultations: New and Coverups/Reworks.


Please feel free to book or reschedule yourself time by selecting the appropriate service and finding time on the calendar. From there I will either approve or deny/reschedule you.

This system will automatically send you confirmation that the appointment has been made as well as a reminder email 2 days prior to your appointment.




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