****   Schedule changes due to COVID-19   ***


I have decided to limit exposure as much as possible which means I will not be tattooing at this time. 


Rest assured, all deposits are safe and I will do my very best to get you all rescheduled soon! 


That being said, I am still unsure at this time when I will be returning to work. Unfortunately, adding to this already trying time, my family is enduring a separate and pressing issue that needs tending to. So please be patient with me as I may take a bit longer to respond to emails or texts. 


I promise I will reply! 


Once things are up and running again I will have extended hours and shifts available to you for your convenience. Each of you will be contacted individually to reschedule. 


Additionally, please know that we at The Hive take every precaution with EVERY procedure to ensure the safety of our clients as well as our own. We always have and always will. 


In the meantime, if you would like to show support to your *favorite out of work artist* please contact me to purchase gift certificates or commission art pieces.


Thank you all for being such wonderful clients, lovely humans and please know I appreciate all of your patience and continued support immensely!!


Stay safe everyone and I look forward to seeing you soon!!


If you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out the CDC website.

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Once again its Expo time! I will be taking appointments as well as reserving some time for walk-ups, send me a message if you'd like to set something up! I will be attending this year representing The Hive Tattoo and sharing a big ol' booth with Jake Ellzey of PNW Tattoo Collective, Andie Pena of Forever Tattoo, Susie Q Skincare and Hooligan Apparel. Should be a blast!

Limited run of this cute lil Vampire Squid friend! Swing by the shop to snag one before they're gone!

OCTOBER 19-21st! Im SUPER excited to announce that I will be tattooing at the 2nd annual All Hallows Tattoo Expo! If you know me, then you know how much I love Halloween, so it of course makes all the sense that this is right up my alley. Did I mention I will be in costume?!? In addition to the usual tattoo contests, there are also booth decorating and costume contests at this expo. I will primarily be tattooing Halloween flash but if you'd like to set up time for something custom please contact me using the form on my booking page. Follow me on ins...

Im very excited to announce that this will be my second year attending the PNW Tattoo Expo at Spirit Mountain Casino alongside my friends Nate Luna and Simon Turner representing The Hive Tattoo! Gambling AND tattoos! haha We will be at Spirit Mountain Casino this November 9-11. We will have lots of flash to choose from as well as merch and prints to buy, but if you'd like to set up time for something custom contact us directly or through the shop 503-208-3272   

This May you can find me in Shelton, WA at the Iron Circus Tattoo Expo!

As always, I will be representing The Hive Tattoo but this trip I will also be sharing a booth with Susie Q Skin again! We will be out there May 11-13, I will have lots of flash available for walk-ups and Susie has a lil something for all your aftercare needs. As of now I have some time available for custom appointments too, so if you'd like to set up some time with me for the expo contact me here: aggie.q.tattoo@agneshamilton.com 

As always, if you make an appointment t...

This April I will be attending the Oregon Tattoo Expo with Simon Turner, representing our home The Hive Tattoo

We will have lots of flash to choose from for walk-ups, but if you'd like to schedule with either of us please contact us at either: aggie.q.tattoo@agneshamilton.com or thehivetattoo@gmail.com

As always, if you make an appointment to come get tattooed at the expo I will take your cost of entry off of your tattoo price ;)

The Oregon Tattoo Expo is scheduled to be held at the Oregon Convention Center on April 27-29th, get tickets here: 


 Friday, March 23rd 6-9pm Marrow will be having a tattoo artist based art show and fundraiser for their one year anniversary! I have 4 paintings up for grabs in the show, and my friend and coworker Shona Crawford (@skeletonvelvet) will also have some amazing work on display. Come out, have some snacks and drinks and help support a RAD local space! Marrow is a youth-centered community space for education, arts and activism...who doesn't love that??

There will also be a raffle, tarot readings and lots of things to check out in the already awesome space...

First Friday, December 1st 2017 will be the opening reception for the last show of the year at Jailhouse Studios. This show will be special to me because it is a group show featuring the work of many (if not all) participants of previous shows held at Jailhouse Studios throughout the calendar year. The theme is "End of the World" and I can't wait to see what that looks like to all of the amazing artists involved.

Opening Reception is Friday, December 1st 7-9pm. Beer and wine will be provided, come celebrate the end of the world (or at least the year)...

November 10-12 I will be tattooing at the Pacific Northwest Tattoo Expo, held at Spirit Mountain Casino! I will be there all weekend alongside Roll Hardy and Leah Greenwood, representing The Hive Tattoo! I am mostly booked but will have some time for walk-ups but if you'd like to get an appointment (and spend some time gambling!) send me a message or fill out the booking form on my site. Should be a blast, hope to see you there!

 TACOMA FRIENDS! I will be tattooing at the Tatau Festival Friday June 30th - Sunday July 2nd, sharing a booth with Susie Q Skin Care!

I will have some time for walk-ups and will be bringing my book of flash to choose from.

Stop by to say hello!

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